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Ramakkalmedu popularly called the 'God's Own Hill Station' is the abode of many natural wonders. Ramakkalmedu is one of the most scenic hill stations. Located in the Idukki district in Kerala, this pictorial hill station is only 15km away from Nedumkandam and can be easily reached following the Munnar-Thekkady route.

Reaching an astounding height of 3,500ft above the sea level, the Ramakkalmedu trek offers panoramic views of several hamlets of Tamil Nadu. Acclaimed as one of the most exciting trekking destinations in Kerala, the hill is also perched with historical statues of Kuravar and Kurathi. According to the legends, when Lord Rama was searching for Ravana, he stepped onto the Ramakkalmedu peak and thus it got its name!

About the Activity with Details:

Indulge in the Ramakkalmedu trek and retrace history along with the glorious tales of Ramayana. Originating from the base of this enthralling hill, the trek will take you to its peak from where you can enjoy fascinating views of the valleys and meadows underneath. Though the trek is comparatively a shorter one, it is an amazing way to get introduced to the immaculate beauty of Ramakkalmedu and the untouched natural beauty around it!

Welcome to Ramakkalmedu, Kerala’s ‘cradle of wind’. The name suggests a legend and the sculptures another. The obvious one is to do with the Ramayana. There are a couple of versions of it. One says Rama came here looking for Sita and is said to have set foot on the tallest rock (‘kal’ is stone or rock in Malayalam). Another is that Rama and Sita came there during their exile and rested on the said rock. The Kuruvan and the Ramakkal mounts face each other.

More than legends or the stories, it is the view that is amazingly wow-inspiring. Ramakkalmedu is on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. On one side you can see Theni and the windmills beyond it; on a clear day with binoculars may be the Vaigai dam and Madurai. On the other side, there is Cumbam. It is a place to feel ‘on top of the world’. Although folks recommend Ramakkalmedu on a bright and sunny day, getting there on a day of moderate rain is recommended. You can see the mist rolling in, literally. It gets misty but waits a while and it clears up quick (on a day of moderate rain, not when it pours). One minute you see everything and the next you may well be the only person on earth!

There are a couple of shelters, ostensibly to take shelter from the rain. The shelters are like mandapams, open on all sides except the roof. Ramakkalmedu is a place which has winds blowing at around 25-30 kmph – constantly. So even if there is a drizzle you get wet, shelter or no shelter. Look right from Kuruvan mount and it looks like Tamil Nadu has a farm of windmills, look left and on the Kerala side too there are windmills. Atop hills and lush green forests they stand, majestically going round and round.

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