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The hill land of Kerala, Idukki, Ramakkalmedu Jeep Safari is one of the best places to go to for jeep safaris and hilltop camps. Ramakkalmedu, which is located right in the middle of the Idukki, encompasses some of the remarkable monuments you will see in the Place. The most convenient way to see the hills around is through jeep safari tours in Ramakkalmedu. Most of the jeep safaris last for about an hour or two and then you can camp on the hilltop. The Place can be as cold at night. The thrilling jeep safari will give you an impression of the mountains, and the View of place for amazing sightseeing of the windmills and Theni district.  At sunset, ride on your jeep and go deep into the high ranges Mountains, where you can see the sunset over the hills and the clouds sparkling and giving the impression of melting gold.

Your jeep safari can also take place between two points, you can visit to the nearest remote villages close to Ramakkalmedu and see how people live in the middle of the hill place towns. Their lifestyle and traditions will mesmerize you. Other places you can see in around Ramakkalmedu are the Nedumkandam, the Kambam, the Thookupalam etc. The best way to get the most out of jeep safaris in Ramakkalmedu is to drive through the hilltops during the evenings when the sun is going down, so you don’t need to face the scorching mountains heat. Drive to the small villages near Ramakkalmedu when it’s time for sunset, spend some time at the place, grasp in the people’s traditions, and get back to your hotel or camp when the sun sets over the Great Place.