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Ramakkalmedu amakallu Visit

Aamakkallu, as the name implies, is a huge rock resembling the shape of a tortoise. It is located in a higher peak on the left side of the Thookkupalam – Ramakkalmedu route. Even though it is very near to Ramakkalmedu, the well-known tourist spot, it is virtually impossible to reach the peak from there.

To reach Aamakkallu, take a small hill route from Thovalappady, a small junction on the way to Ramakkalmedu. The best method to reach ramakkalmedu amakallu Visit is by an off-road jeep ride from Thovalappady. You can hire a jeep driven by expert drivers, by enquiring in roadside shops. 4 X 4 Mahindra Jeeps will take you through nearly 45 degrees inclined ramakkalmedu offroad.

the way to Aamakkallu is full of green grasslands and beautiful valleys. The panoramic view of vast areas of low lying Tamilnadu farms and scattered windmills all around is a beautiful sight.

Aamakkallu – A potential place for an adventure trip

Aamakkallu comprises of two huge rocks which is separated by a vertical crack running throughout the width of the rock. The width of the crack or the separation between the rocks is just 25 to 30 cms. If you are not a fat man, you will be able to move sidewise through the fissure. Move ahead for around 25 feet to reach the other side of the rock.
The real view of the ramakkalmedu amakallu Visit can be obtained only if you reach the other side through this crevice.

You will be amazed to see that Aamakkallu is connected to the rock below it through some small joints only. If you are bold enough to jump through deep cracks, you can reach inside the rock which resembles a natural house. Inside you can remain protected from Sun, Rain, and wind.

This area could have sheltered the pioneers of the area from the vagaries of nature.

No need to add that you should take extra care while doing all these, as a small slip of your leg can make you a history.

More Attractions near Aamakkallu -Tortoise rock

If you continue your jeep journey to the next hill, you can reach another beautiful viewpoint at the tip of the hill. This point is very near to Ramakkalmedu rock but separated by an abrupt ending few thousand feet deep. The view forms the tip of the rock is sufficient to make you spellbound. You will be amazed when you find that you are standing on the cliff, few 100 meters higher than Ramakkalmedu.

If you visit this place it is advisable to stay there up to sunset. Panoramic view of the low lying valleys, setting sun and the dark color castings in the sky will offer you a rich sight.