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Hike through the craggy and uneven terrains of Ramakkalmedu while enjoying the captivating views all around. While most of the trek is an easier one, you might have to come across a bit of challenge while traversing to the peak of Ramakkalmedu. Once you make it to the peak, feast on the panoramic views of the distant villages and towns, the lush greeneries all around and also visit the historic statues of Kuravar and Kurathi.

A gentle slope leads to Kuruvan mount at Ramakkalmedu. The climb is easy. On a sunny bright day vehicles can go up further, the driver says. Halfway through the climb (not more than 200 meters), a shape materializes from what seems to be the other side of the hillock. And then suddenly there is a huge sculpture, in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Step in front of a closer inspection and one of the most memorable views of your trip.

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